Oct 182013

Hey people,

This post is going to be about two websites by someone I “know” (I’ve chatted with them over the internet) and I know how hard they’ve worked on them.

So let me start with this social thingy:

Yizle.com – Meet New Friends Online

I am not completely sure when or why it really started up, but I guess it’s mainly because the owner likes to make websites, and wanted to make something big, and what’s bigger than social networking?
or maybe I’m off road now, and he wanted to make it to make a nice place to hang around on the big internet?
Anyway, so he started coding, the website had lots of bugs and not many active (nor inactive) users, so I started chatting with him a tiny bit (by the way, his username is “Andy” on his website) and gave him some ideas… I believe, maybe he had them from before I gave them to him :p

So he started with some functions here and there, lost interest and stopped progressing, regained his motivation and continued.
I’ve wanted to write about this website for a small amount of time now, but I didn’t feel like it was ready, but now, well, now I think it is ready to hit the world.

The website is still new, it does indeed have some lack of features, but maybe some ideas from you guys may help him out.
Besides, I guess I’d be motivated if I noticed a flow of users to my social network (if I had any).

Anyway, head out to this new, fresh social website that might one day become big!

NG Forums –┬áNext Generation Open-Source Forums

Here we have a open source forum software, what is there to say about this?
Well, maybe I’ll start with a tiny bit of the history that I know of maybe?

This user at 000webhost, Ndogg, is one of them whom want to make something big, but at the same time, he wants the world to be more open about software engines.
So he’s had some few projects, but as can scramble out of my memory, I remember this forum software, and an text based RPG engine, which he gave up, why? I don’t know, but he didn’t seem motivated, and it doesn’t seem like the world really wants one of them yet. (I would want one, but I personally want to make stuff myself)

So we didn’t hear anything from him in months, he didn’t post any updates about the RPG source, the website went down and everyone who wanted to see him succeed ended up as a questionmark.
All of a sudden, he ended up, answered a question or two from someone, but nothing that indicated that he was working with the RPG game, nor anything other… it seemed like all motivation to even be on 000webhost disappeared from him completely.

Then, one day, he started to be a tiny bit more active, chatted with us like usual, posted some posts in his “Count to 1 million” thread. I don’t remember how he mentioned it, but we ended up hearing about a forum software he was working on and had been working on for 9 months (with school and stuff) and well, it’s okay.

So we continued to chat with him, and suddenly he uploaded the website and some few members registered, among them you have me.
So now we’re there watching the progress of the forum software, created by one guy, and hopefully he’ll succeed with his task.

I can honestly say that his code for the RPG was messy, and for the new forum software he’s learned a lot. The code is a lot better, and it improved from the forum V.First to V1.1.0 and I believe he’ll continue to improve everything until it is near perfect.

By the way, the forum software has some neat features as of the version I mentioned, and it now supports plugins. (and different languages I believe, you probably have to translate it yourself thought)

Check it out at


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